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UCSB researchers demonstrate chip-scale optical frequency synthesis

GOOI-FET eyed for next generation power switching

2D semiconductor hybrid shows promise for future optoelectronics

Illinois team advances GaN-on-Silicon scalability

The source of perovskite breakdown?

Optical amplifier is smaller than a paper clip

ANU scientists inspire new night-vision applications

Researchers study ultralow wear of GaN

Perovskite solar cells hit new world efficiency record

Korean team squeezes light into miniature devices

UK researchers produce high-quality atomically-thin InSe

EPFL scientists develop first magnetic photoconductor

UK team makes modulators from BN and graphene

New solution for making 2D nanomaterials

2D semiconductor more brittle than expected

Modulated doping improves GaN-based VCSELs

The thinnest ever photodetector?

Record efficiency for multi-junction silicon-based solar cell

Tandem solar cell achieves 26 percent peak efficiency

Berkeley Lab team joins lasers and anti-lasers

Trace metal recombination centres kill LED efficiency

Making SiGe core fibres a reality

Researchers find way to tune 2D semiconductor Thermal Conductivity

New design could outperform existing solar cells

Visible LED communications in the dark?

MoS2-based material moves in response to light

GaN surface texture affects biological cell behaviour

Thinner is cooler for GaN devices

MoS2 used to make smallest transistor

Quantum dots boost perovskite efficiency

A cheaper High Voltage SiC Switch?

Perovskite/CIGS stack achieves record 17.8 percent Efficiency

Columbia Chemists think they can double solar cell efficiency

LESA team develops Occupancy Detection with LEDs

US researchers use SiC to boost vehicle range

US researchers develop visible light link

Imec scientist awarded 1.5 million to develop a-IGZO circuits

IMOMEC scientist gets 2 million research funding

Munich team makes double helix inorganic semiconductor

InP chip could bring quantum encryption to mobiles

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