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GE leads US Consortium to develop next generation SiC materials and processes

4G LTE to Represent more than a fifth of Active Mobile Connections by 2019

World Record for Concentrator Photovoltaics

Report analyses CIGS opportunities

Quantum Dot Display Technology set to enter mainstream markets

British researchers create building blocks for new high-resolution display technology

Compound Semiconductors to be worth $104.55 Billion in 2020

Researchers show low temperature deposition of GaN for TFTs

VCSEL market to reach over $2 billion in 2018

LED Lamp Average Retail Price Falls

Orbotech to acquire SPTS Technologies

RF GaN-based devices heading for mainstream sub 3.5GHz applications?

Voids boost LED light emission

Annealing accelerates electron mobility

Power GaN market to grow at 80 percent CAGR

Philips to merge lighting businesses

Researchers to share insights into sub 10nm chip design

Epistar to reach 15 percent total global GaN wafer capacity following FOREPI merger

Scientists discover how plastic solar panels work

European supply chain for advanced GaN technologies

Epistar to own Formosa Epitaxy

SiC market growing at 42 percent CAGR

Proof of concept for high efficiency hot-carrier solar cell

Researchers make full-colour InGaN LEDs using LCD-type process

XsunX sales accelerate in Southern California

Red phosphor brightens white LEDs

Sharp develops ultra-efficient solar cells

Consortium halves energy loss for power devices

TrendForce: Chinese LED lighting package manufacturers booming

Emcore rockets forward with extended contract

First Chinese supplier makes top 10 LED rankings

What now for RFMD and TriQuint merger?

Yole: Despite low revenues GaN power market should boom

First Solar to build CdTe 150MW solar facility in California

Stion to accelerate CIGS panel manufacturing capacity

Yole: GaN power challenges SiC

YOLE: Despite limited revenue, GaN power industry is taking shape

Crystal IS launches AlN based UVC LED technology

QinetiQ acquires RIO semiconductor laser company

Analog Devices to acquire Hittite Microwave Corporation

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