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GE researchers develop 250degC+ SiC Transient Voltage Suppressor

GaAs IC Market to reach $8 billion in 2017

Mid-Power LEDs to Account for 48 Percent of the Market In 2014

MIT looks to old batteries for perovskite solar cells

Indium Phosphide substrate test reveals purity of graphene

US lab offers insights into new class of semiconductors

SiC to replace silicon power devices in cars by 2020

Chinese lab makes step towards 'solar' fabric

LED Lamp Price down nearly 10 Percent on July 2013

The next graphene?

3M reveals new quantum dot display material

Swedish scientists build 500 C SiC bipolar op amp

Japanese group reduces defects in SiC transistors

Australian researchers pioneer graphene process using epitaxial SiC

Quantum dot market to reach $5 billion by 2020

Perovskite semiconductor shows promise for low cost LEDs

Sheets of stapled semiconductors could make ultra thin solar cells

Global LED Market up 9 percent in 2014

Researchers make spray-painted perovskite solar cells

Intel patent application describes deep gate device with group III-V or germanium active layers

TSMC patent application published on compound device with GaN structures

First calls for EU's 80 billion Horizon 2020 research programme

Cars playing increasing role in Optoelectronics sector

Toshiba lab develops InGaN-based red LED

US researchers develop room temperature Polariton Laser

Scientists embed nearly perfect InAs crystals into nanowires

Google's $1m challenge to shrink inverters

Quantum dots boost conversion efficiency of GaAs Solar cells

GaAs Substrate Market Sees Further Revenue drop in 2013

Laser sensor could lead way to handheld bomb-detectors

Scientists create identical quantum dots and place them with pinpoint precision

Saab showcases fighter aircraft featuring GaN technology

GE leads US Consortium to develop next generation SiC materials and processes

4G LTE to Represent more than a fifth of Active Mobile Connections by 2019

World Record for Concentrator Photovoltaics

Report analyses CIGS opportunities

Quantum Dot Display Technology set to enter mainstream markets

British researchers create building blocks for new high-resolution display technology

Compound Semiconductors to be worth $104.55 Billion in 2020

Researchers show low temperature deposition of GaN for TFTs

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