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Noise in a microwave amplifier is limited by quantum particles of heat

SiC Demand Expected To Grow To 2,769.0 Kilotons By 2020

UK Government to invest 2m to spark innovation

Keysight completes separation from Agilent

Daylight Solutions and Thorlabs join forces on quantum cascade lasers

Samsung to scale back LED lighting

Blue LED inventor to be awarded Japan's Order of Culture

GaN LEDs in vehicles to Reach $1billion in 2014

Envelope Tracking set for 4 billion units by 2018

US Energy Department announces $10M for solid state lighting research

Power Electronics Industry Collaborative announces open Member Meeting

Military growth rate for GaAs chips better than commercial market

RF Energy Alliance forms to promote solid-state RF heating technology

Adoption of SiC & GaN to impact the power electronics industry

Blue LED inventors win the Nobel Prize for Physics

300m Cardiff University investment includes compound semiconductor institute

US DoD launches competition for Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute

SiC and GaN power semiconductors growing at 63 percent CAGR

LED Lamp Retail Price falls by 4.9 percent over a month

Dow starts Building Large-Scale Quantum Dot factory in Korea

GaN to Drive Pulsed RF Power Chip Market

Flip Chip LED packaging growing in popularity

RFMD and TriQuint renamed Qorvo

Emcore Announces Sale of Space Photovoltaics activities

Cree Files Lawsuits to Protect LED intellectual property

LED Ecosystem Teems with Thousands of Players in Dense Supply Chain

IQE, Win and NTU agree to create compound semiconductor centre in Singapore

Global LED Market to Reach $42.7 Billion by 2020

JDSU to split into two

GaN to move microwave RF power markets to over $300M by 2019

GaAs Device Market Posts Record Revenues in 2013

SPIE: photonics market generates $156 billion in revenue

Global LED Lamp Price continues to fall

Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit: SEMI announces keynotes

Shareholders approve Epistar acquisition of Formosa

US researchers show new way of growing III-V layers on Si

Quantum dots used to make a single-photon cannon

EU project to focus on millimeter-wave radio for 5G networks

Direct wafer bonding yields large-scale InGaAs-on-insulator transistors

Taiwanese researchers improve InGaN VCSELs

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