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LED Lamp Retail Price falls by 4.9 percent over a month

Dow starts Building Large-Scale Quantum Dot factory in Korea

GaN to Drive Pulsed RF Power Chip Market

Flip Chip LED packaging growing in popularity

RFMD and TriQuint renamed Qorvo

Emcore Announces Sale of Space Photovoltaics activities

Cree Files Lawsuits to Protect LED intellectual property

LED Ecosystem Teems with Thousands of Players in Dense Supply Chain

IQE, Win and NTU agree to create compound semiconductor centre in Singapore

Global LED Market to Reach $42.7 Billion by 2020

JDSU to split into two

GaN to move microwave RF power markets to over $300M by 2019

GaAs Device Market Posts Record Revenues in 2013

SPIE: photonics market generates $156 billion in revenue

Global LED Lamp Price continues to fall

Vietnam Semiconductor Strategy Summit: SEMI announces keynotes

Shareholders approve Epistar acquisition of Formosa

US researchers show new way of growing III-V layers on Si

Quantum dots used to make a single-photon cannon

EU project to focus on millimeter-wave radio for 5G networks

Direct wafer bonding yields large-scale InGaAs-on-insulator transistors

Taiwanese researchers improve InGaN VCSELs

University of Washington makes 2D semiconductor junctions

US researchers claim competitor for graphene

Cree and Lextar Electronics Announce LED Cooperation

Murata to Acquire RF specialist Peregrine for $471 million

Hong Kong team integrates on-chip light source with III-nitride electronics

Japanese lab creates new GaN substrate

Infineon to acquire International Rectifier for $3B

An alternative to chemical mechanical polishing for III-nitride nonpolar VCSELs

GE researchers develop 250degC+ SiC Transient Voltage Suppressor

GaAs IC Market to reach $8 billion in 2017

Mid-Power LEDs to Account for 48 Percent of the Market In 2014

MIT looks to old batteries for perovskite solar cells

Indium Phosphide substrate test reveals purity of graphene

US lab offers insights into new class of semiconductors

SiC to replace silicon power devices in cars by 2020

Chinese lab makes step towards 'solar' fabric

LED Lamp Price down nearly 10 Percent on July 2013

The next graphene?

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