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New York-led Project wins $110M for integrated photonics Institute

Semiconductor laser market to exceed $7.69 billion by 2020

International consortium hopes to unlock mmwave spectrum

CIGS to Become a solar Game Changer

LED Grow Light Market Worth $1.9B by 2020

First fully depleted 22nm SOI wafers come to market

Large lighting manufacturers continue moving to LED

Plessey wins UK grant for GaN-on-Silicon production

IQE and Cardiff University establish joint venture

32 percent of office lamp revenue is LED

European 'Virtual Lab' to specialise in multi-junction solar cells

GREAT2 GaN amp still linking Proba-V to Earth

Luftstrom project to make battery charging more efficient

German photonics market grew 4 percent in 2014

Imec presents technologies for advanced logic scaling

European project opens up nanoelectronics infrastructure

SiC and GaN make headlines but silicon fights back

Infrared LEDs: invisible driver of optoelectronics market

IBM develops way to integrate III-V materials on silicon

4.6M EU project aims for 25 percent CIGS efficiency

Innovation to Sustain Silicon's $20B Share of Power Electronics

Avago to buy Broadcom for $37 billion

Infineon and Google to develop SiGe gesture sensor

NXP Semiconductors to Sell RF Power Business

EPC widens the performance gap with new GaN transistors

GaN Systems claim smallest GaN power transistors

Packaged LED lighting reached $6.6 billion in 2014

Mobile traffic to approach almost 197,000 Petabytes by 2019

Cree to spin out Power and RF Business

LED Lighting systems to Exceed 4.1 Billion a Year by 2024

9.5m initiative to use SiC to modernise UK power grid

US Energy Department awards over $10m to solid state lighting R&D

Shuji Nakamura wins 2015 Global Energy Prize

Halogen ban postponed until 2018

GE and SUNY partnership could process 30,000 wafers annuallly, says GE

EU HiPoSwitch project delivers GaN power switches

Lumileds acquisition: stability but more questions, says IHS

220 GaN MOCVD Reactors to be Installed in 2015

SiC and GaN power market to grow by factor of 17

JePPIX sees a multi-billion Euro market in Integrated Photonics by 2020

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