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CS International shines in its new location

Belgian team wins $1m Little Box Challenge

LED Lighting to reach $42.5B by 2020

EU launches three photonic pilot lines

Colin Whitehouse becomes Chair of Compound Semiconductor Centre

Four reasons you will kick yourself if you miss CS International 2016

US lab makes GaN CMOS FETs

India seeks to cut LED bulb price to $0.65

SEMICON Conference In Penang

Automotive lighting moving to LED and laser technologies

Is bulk GaN Really There Yet?

2k award for accelerating use of GaN transistors

Imec and Vrije University Present 60GHz CMOS chip

GE phasing out CFL bulbs in favour of LED

NASA to Build First Integrated-Photonics Modem

Silicon Photonics Projected to Reach $1B by 2020

SiC Market in China: low export growth in 2015

Silicon Photonics - from promise to reality in datacentres

Lights out for the Philips-GO Scale deal

$7B global spending on C-RAN by end of 2016

Innovate UK to invest in North Wales photonics cluster

Doubling driver visibility with laser-based headlights

Hybrid IIIV/SiGe technology for CMOS and beyond

UK Chancellor pledges 50M compound semiconductor catapult

GaAs chips saw 25 percent growth in 2015

SAMCO Launches ALD System for Electronic Devices and Next-generation Power Devices

Littelfuse invests In silicon carbide technology

IIVI Inc Announces UltraCompact Optical Components and Amplification Solutions

IQE on track to achieve full year financial expectations

Power Electronics and RF Applications Driving Demand for EV Group Wafer Bonding Solutions

M/A-COM Acquires Aeroflexs Diode Business from Cobham

Ampleon introduces GaN RF power transistors in 10 to 200 W ratings

GaN Systems Wins 2015 Global Semiconductor Award

RIBER achieves two new orders for research systems

Imec Advances 8-inch GaN-on-Si Technology Closer to Manufacturing

InGaAs channels could help memory scaling

NXP RF power division becomes Ampleon

Boston University wins $13.7M in LED IP case

Quantum dot film impresses IHS at LuxLive 2015

Chinese Packaged LED market to Grow at Single Digit Rate

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