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EPC: GaN ambition

Red phosphor delivers intense LEDs

GaN: Primed for power

Crystal IS primed to seize UV LED market

Analog Devices and Hittite - what next?

Cree readies GaN for low-cost markets

Perfecting the VCSEL production line

Graphene: opening the bandgap

Multi-junction solar cells to push CPV efficiencies beyond 50%

MOCVD players: growth at last

Cree: Fading out?

Commercial GaN: MA COM is ready and waiting

GaN Systems readies for market

Emcore primes cells for NASA and beyond

LEDs: China readies for global domination

GaN takes a new line of defence

CMOS challenges SiGe radar chips

RFMD-TriQuint: Now what?

Move over GaAs?

Kyma reveals ammonothermal-HVPE GaN growth plans

IGBT inventor crusades wide bandgap semiconductors

Cree: from hope to hit?

Rubicon reveals sapphire plans

GaN-on-silicon LEDs slated for massive market growth

Uncovering the secrets of high-performance green lasers

GaN growth: an extra inch

GaN advances into defence electronics

Bulk GaN: too little, too late?

Simplifying gold-free technology for nitride HEMTs

New GaN centre to drive devices to market

CPV: the French focus

Vertical LEDs ready for market

II-VI lays out Oclaro plans

Sunset for silicon?

Imec reveals germanium-tin transistors

Seren moves on

Osram cranks up the output power of green and blue lasers

GaN-on-silicon LEDs are catching incumbents

Sapphire substrates to lead future LED markets

Plessey thrusts LEDs into the market

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