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Akash Systems: flying high ahead
With its GaN-on-Diamond power amplifiers entering satellite markets, Akash Systems is reaching for the stars, reports Rebecca Pool.
Setting the SiC standard
With its six inch SiC line up and running, the New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium is ready to deliver next generation MOSFETs, reports Rebecca Pool.
Kaiam eyes datacentre growth
As datacentre traffic soars, US photonic integrated circuit pioneer, Kaiam, buys a second UK facility to track growing markets, reports Compound Semiconductor.
Gallium oxide: ready to take on GaN and SiC
Following massive investor funds, Flosfia is poised to deliver high performance, affordable gallium oxide devices, reports Rebecca Pool.
II-VI Epiworks: Bigger and Bolder
With rapid expansion underway, II-VI Epiworks is reaching out for growing VCSEL markets and more, reports Rebecca Pool.

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