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Daylight reveals 6000nm MIRcat tuneable laser

3rd October 2012
The MIRcat incorporates up to four tuneable laser modules into a single, sealed laser head
Daylight Solutions, a manufacturer of molecular detection and imaging solutions in the mid-infrared, has launched a laser system for the Scientific Research market.

Being marketed as “MIRcat”, Daylight says the tuneable mid-infrared laser system provides its users with the widest single-box tuning range commercially available.

Building on the performance of Daylight Solutions’ tuneable ▄ber Tuner series of ECqcL (External Cavity quantum cascade Lasers), MIRcat incorporates up to four tuneable laser modules into a single, sealed laser head.

The laser system switches between these modules to provide a single, high quality output beam with an overall tuning range of up to ~800cm-1 (~6000nm). The system provides a highly flexible, modular approach to optimising customers’ coverage within the mid-IR region (~4Ám to 12Ám).

The MIRcat laser is available in either pulsed or continuous wave variants.

The system is claimed to set a new standard in wavelength range and price/performance from a single-box, ECqcL laser source. The modular design allows customers to optimise their mid-infrared wavelength coverage by selecting two, three or four widely tuneable laser modules, optimised for their application and budget.

Company officials say that MIRcat’s performance brings new capabilities to a broad range of applications, including molecular spectroscopy, standoff explosive detection, hyperspectral imaging and microscopy.

“Solid, liquid, and gas phase spectroscopy and imaging measurements are now easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever before.” says company President and COO, Paul Larson. “MIRcat will also future-proof our customer’s research by allowing them to add or swap modules as their requirements change over time."

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