Cree announces new high power LED Technology

19th April 2017

NX platform ‘redefines’ LED performance for next generation lighting systems

Cree has announced a new technology platform called NX that will power the next generation of its lighting-class LEDs.

In addition, the new technology platform makes possible innovative new designs, eliminating current constraints for a wide spectrum of lighting applications such as colour-mixing, directional lighting and industrial lighting.

The first product using the technology is an LED family called Extreme Density (XD) that delivers up to four times higher lumen density than Cree’s previous generation of high power LEDs.

Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs senior vice president and general manager, said: “Unlike other technology platforms adapted from LCD backlighting applications, our NX technology platform was designed from the beginning to dramatically improve the performance of LEDs in lighting applications.”

The new NX technology platform embodies advances in a number of components and technologies, including the new Dmax LED chip, a more efficient phosphor system, new package designs and simpler manufacturing processes.

The first product available in the new family of XD LEDs is the XLamp XD16 LED that delivers a lumen density of up to 264 lm per square-millimeter, which is 50 percent higher than the best LEDs currently available. 

Specifically optimised for applications that require high light output and high lumens-per-watt, such as street lights and high bays, the new XLamp XD16 LEDs enable higher performance luminaires with better light control. In addition, the ceramic-based XD16 LED addresses challenges with assembly, thermal design, optical design and reliability that have been experienced with other competing LED technology platforms.

Engineering samples of XLamp XD16 LED will be available by late spring, with production quantities to be available by the end of summer. 

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