Samco to hold SiC power device workshop in Shanghai

14th February 2017
Workshop to focus on growing interest in effective clean energy applications 

Samco, a Japan-based semiconductor process equipment developer and manufacturer, will hold a thin film technology workshop at Fudan University in Shanghai on March 13, 2017.  The workshop will focus on SiC power devices.

Hidemi Takasu, who is the former managing director of Rohm and currently a guest professor at Tsinghua University, will be the keynote speaker.

“This is the second workshop Samco has organised with Fudan University, and the fourth in China overall,” says Samco chairman and CEO Osamu Tsuji.

Previous workshops organised in China by Samco have also been held at Tsinghua University and Peking University, covering a number of topics such as nanophotonics and nitride-based semiconductors.  The future of SiC power devices has also been a point of discussion at each of these workshops.

"Demand for SiC power devices is expected to rise rapidly because of their use in components for electric vehicles and railroad cars, as well as within the power generation sector," says Tsuji.

He highlights that SiC power devices are key for energy-saving devices, also known as “green electronics”, and efficient energy use.

“Due to the severe air pollution problem that has resulted in China on account of fossil fuels, effective clean energy applications are of great interest to many researchers and engineers across the globe,” Tsuji says.

Compared to Si power devices, SiC devices are also characterised by high voltage, little damage from voltage, low on-resistance and high frequencies, he adds.  Another advantage is that they operate under high-temperature conditions.

"With the growing interest surrounding SiC power devices and their applications, we expect a spirited exchange of ideas with around 300 attendants," says Tsuji.

The SiC power device workshop is free to attend and registration is required. Interested researchers are invited to submit this form by Friday, March 10th

Presentations will include:

'New Materials and Different Field Technologies are Expanding the Semiconductor World', by Hidemi Takasu, Rohm (former managing director), guest professor at Tsinghua University

'Nanofabrication and its Applications in Basic Scientific Study', by Yifang Chen, Fudan University

'Application Issues and Packaging for Wide Band Gap Devices', by Xu Yang, Xi'an Jiaotong University

'Advances in SiC Epitaxy and Devices', by Feng Zhang, chief technical officer, Global Power Technology.

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