Navitas Delivers First GaN Power ICs

7th February 2017

“By integrating all gate-drive-related circuitry, virtually all frequency-related power losses are eliminated", says CEO

Navitas Semiconductor as announced the immediate availability of production qualified iDrive GaN Power ICs using the company’s proprietary AllGaN technology.

The NV6131, NV6105 & NV6115 offer a high-efficiency 650V, 160mΩ power FET with increasing integration of digital and analogue circuits, leading to ground breaking speed, energy efficiency, power density and reduced system cost.

GaN can enable up to 100x higher frequencies than silicon but driving, controlling and protecting such high-speed power devices has been an industry challenge that has limited adoption.  By integrating these critical digital and analogue circuits monolithically with the GaN power device, these system level problems have been eliminated, says Navitas. 

The company, which is based in EL Segundo, California, says its GaN Power ICs with iDrive guarantee optimised and robust performance for any application. A 10-100x increase in system operating frequency is combined with higher efficiencies to enable up to a 5x increase in power densities and 20 percent lower system costs.

“GaN Power ICs, with the monolithic integration of logic, analogue and power, represent an industry breakthrough that will change the landscape of power electronics as we know it”, explained Navitas CEO Gene Sheridan. 

“By integrating all gate-drive-related circuitry, virtually all frequency-related power losses are eliminated, opening the door to significant frequency and efficiency gains.  We anticipate a major upgrade cycle in mobile fast chargers, thin TVs, high-efficiency data centers, LED lighting, solar and electric vehicle markets as this new high-speed revolution in power electronics gets underway”, Sheridan added.

“The Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES) at Virginia Tech has been pioneering the advancement of high-frequency power systems for over three decades” explains Fred Lee, a professor at the university. “The invention of GaN power ICs represents a major industry breakthrough and is a critical ingredient to make high-speed, high-efficiency power systems a reality.  This is an exciting time for the power industry”, Lee concluded.

Leading power semiconductor market researcher, Hong Lin at Yole Developpement, goes on to explain “it has been well-recognized that GaN has the potential to displace a large percentage of the $15B power silicon market, but adoption has been partially limited by the system challenges in cost-effectively driving and controlling the GaN power device at high speeds.  The integration of logic, analog and power in a GaN power IC solves this remaining roadblock and positions GaN to realize its full potential.”

The NV6131, NV6105 & NV6115 (in 5x6mm QFN) are available immediately to qualified partners. For full details, please see

Navitas will demonstrate the new NV61xx series in a demonstration suite at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) March 26th – 30th, 2017 in Tampa, Florida, USA. 

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