Quantum Materials Corp to show technology at CES

5th January 2017
Heavy-metal free quantum dot film for displays to feature in Las Vegas this week

Above: 50 Watt LED power supply driving Quantum Materials' heavy metal-free QD display thin film on top of frame as compared to major manufacturer QD display film on bottom, both through polarising filter

Quantum Materials Corp is presenting its heavy metal-free quantum dot film at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

 “We are excited to present our QD display film to leading display manufacturers at CES seeking to incorporate advanced quantum dot technology into their TV, monitor and mobile device offerings,” said Quantum Materials CEO and chairman Stephen B. Squires.

“Our heavy metal-free display film affords display designers the ability to create brighter and more vivid wider colour-gamut devices, while fulfilling environmental mandates to restrict the use of heavy metals in consumer and professional electronics.”

“Due to relatively high cost, implementation of quantum dot display film has been heavily weighted to the high-end display market. We believe Quantum Materials Corp’s low-cost high-volume quantum dot manufacturing approach will enable the enhanced viewing experience made possible with quantum dots to be enjoyed by consumers along a much broader range of price points,” said Toshi Ando, Quantum Materials Corp senior director of business development.

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