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SiC cracks auto-markets
Forecasts from Lux Research predict SiC will displace silicon in electric vehicles by 2020. Have GaN-on-silicon alternatives stalled asks Compound Semiconductor.
BluGlass rises to MOCVD challenge
From LEDs to power electronics, BluGlass's plasma CVD process is set to ease fabrication and offer a cool alternative to MOCVD, reports Compound Semiconductor.
Keeping LEDs cool
Claiming breakthrough performance with its metal-clad PCB substrates, Nanotherm, has already made inroads into LED markets, reports Compound Semiconductor.
VCSELs: beyond red
When it comes to VCSELs, GaAs is the leading light, but GaN and InP devices are now gaining market share, reports Compound Semiconductor.
China lights up global LED industry
China LED manufacturer, MLS Electronics, has penetrated the packaged LED top ten. What could this mean for the rest of the world, asks Compound Semiconductor?

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