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Photovoltaics: designing for tomorrow
'VirtualLab' from Fraunhofer and CEA will pioneer photovoltaics to strengthen European solar cell markets. Will industry bite, asks Compound Semiconductor?
SiC: all systems go
Cree's recent APEI acquisition is set to unlock the true potential of silicon carbide. Compound Semiconductor talks to company executives to find out more.
Big wafers, grand designs
With recent investment funds, Exagan is getting ready to market GaN-on-silicon FETs on 200 mm wafers. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Plessey eyes eight inch wafers
Government cash will help UK LED manufacturer, Plessey, migrate more quickly to eight inch wafers. Compound Semiconductor finds out how.
Commercialising GaN
Transphorm has won $70m to bring GaN to mainstream markets. President, Primit Parikh, reveals his plans.

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