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LEDs: a potent package
In the race to cut LED manufacturing costs, Plessey, UK, unveils bold plans for bigger wafers, chip-scale packaging and more.
Delivering tomorrow
Can a new US-Ireland collaboration break down the materials barriers to next-generation GaN-on-silicon power electronics devices, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Rare earths ready for GaN power electronics
As power electronics players turn to GaN-on-silicon epiwafers to manufacture high performance devices, Translucent has unveiled a stress-free alternative. Compound Semiconductor reports.
A dazzling future for Diamond GaN?
In March this year, Martin Kuball scooped a Royal Society award for his GaN-on diamond electronics breakthroughs. Compound Semiconductor talks to the UK researcher about his research, its applications, and more.
Taking the heat
Could a new design of thermally integrated photonic system deliver the massive bandwidths datacommunications crave, asks Compound Semiconductor

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