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2 Channels Digital AV Optic Transceiver  July 31, 2009
2 Channels Digital AV Optic Transceiver
DLX-DVOP02 series of products provide uncompressed high quality transmission systems for 2 channels of digitalized analog video, up to 32 channels of bi-directional data and audio signals, 4 channels E1 / T1 and 10 / 100M self-adaptive Ethernet data over one single mode or multimode optic fiber, DLX-DVOP is a multi-function product which based on highly reliable large-scale specialized ICs designed by ourselves. It's extremely flexible with the ability to add / drop video, audio, RS232 / RS422 / RS485, E1, 100M Ethernet ports via plugging in / out our field-proven service cards. Compared with the same kind of analog transmission systems that employ accidental amplitude or frequency modulation, DLX-DVOP products provide better transmission in quality.
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