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Zygo 3D optical profiler enhances surface metrology

5th February 2014

Zygo Corporation is launching the NewView 8000 series of 3D optical profilers.

This latest generation in the NewView product family, the NewView 8000 systems provide rapid, precise, quantitative, and interactive surface metrology.

The modular platform has been designed to meet the metrology and budgetary requirements of a wide range of applications in scientific research, product and process development, and volume manufacturing.

NewView 8000 optical surface profiler

The two models of NewView 8000 series of benchtop profilers, each configured for different performance requirements, are based on non-contact optical technology and powered by Zygo's Mx software.

The NewView 8000 profilers provide hundreds of surface results and analyses, including the latest ISO 25178 area surface texture parameters for quantitative analysis. In addition, the systems offer exceptional surface visualization via optimised optical design and advanced surface detection algorithms.

The user is now able to truly "see" surfaces through real time interactive analysis with 2D and 3D plotting technology. The integrated isolation and workflow-based Windows style interface of the NewView 8000 series simplify installation and provide enhanced ease-of-use.

The NewView 8000 systems offer a wide range of application capabilities that include the metrology of roughness, flatness, angles, steps, and more, for applications ranging from precision-machined automotive components to patterned semiconductor wafers, to microfluidics and MEMS.

Specialised software modules - for measurement in the presence of transparent films, and for 2D vision analysis - are available for expanded functionality. Advances in both hardware and software enable the use of ZYGO proprietary SureScan acquisition technology, to produce extremely precise measurements even in noisy and vibrating environments.

"The NewView profilers have always been strong performers for ZYGO. The improvements integrated into the NewView 8000 series result in more data, more quickly, for our customers. We're excited to bring this new benchtop optical profiler family to market and look forward to the expanded application opportunities its enhanced capabilities enable for our customers," comments Tony Allan, Zygo Corporation Chief Operating Officer.

Zygo is launching the NewView 8000 series of profilers at the SPIE Photonics West 2014 exhibition in San Francisco, California.

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