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Philips to set up LED lighting plant in Chengdu

20th August 2012
The fully integrated "LED Professional Lighting Solutions" manufacturing site should optimise production, warehousing logistics and shorten delivery time to customers in the east
Philips (China) Investment held a ceremony for its LED Professional Lighting Solutions manufacturing facility in Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

This marks that the bilateral cooperation between Philips and Chengdu has entered a new phase since the two sides signed the LED strategic cooperation agreement last December.

Philips will build a fully integrated LED Professional Lighting Solutions manufacturing site to optimise the allocation of resources including production, warehousing and logistics. The site will help to control production efficiency and quality and shorten delivery time to customers.

Philips will focus on providing more customised products to meet the unique requirements of different customers with great speed. The firm will also work with Chinese customers to help upgrade their lighting in all segments and applications. To this end, Philips will organise a professional service team to ensure everything is OK from designing upon a client's request to final product delivery.

It is expected that the site will start production in 2013.

Chengdu, as Philips' second headquarters in China, is an important economic and culture centre in the west region, with a speciality in developing high-tech industries and the advanced manufacturing industry.

Established in 1988, the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone ranks 4th among China's 88th state-level hi-tech zones and is strongly supported by national provincial and municipal authorities. With a planned area of 130 km2, CDHT is divided into the south and the west park.

There are 29,163 companies registered in the Hi-Tech Zone, among which nearly 1000 companies are foreign invested enterprises, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies and those invested by well-known international corporations.

To a certain degree, a large trend of Fortune Global 500's moving forward to western China allows Chengdu to host the 2013 Fortune Global Forum. CDHT is fully prepared for further collaboration with more globally well-known enterprises. The vast potential and the unprecedented expansion of western China's market as well as China's new round of "Go West" strategy is aimed to speed up the development of the entire area.


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