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Refining periodically orientated GaN Apr 17, 2014
Non-linear optics could benefit from alternating layers of N-polar and Ga-polar GaN.
Future of solar cells brightens with shiny quantum dots Apr 15, 2014
Photovoltaic solar-panel windows composed of CdSe/CdS quantum dots could be the next technology used in housing
Antimonides surf the invisible wave Apr 14, 2014
Researchers have created a semiconductor incorporating erbium antinonide, that manipulates light in the invisible infrared/terahertz range, paving the way for new and enhanced applications
Nanoparticles create skinny solar cells Apr 09, 2014
Nanostructures on top of an active solar material might be able to capture the light and increase efficiency
Sun can create solar energy materials Apr 07, 2014
A new process could provide more precise control of the processing temperature needed to create CIS and CZTS solar cells
Polarisation-free GaN shows promise for visible photonics Apr 07, 2014
A new development at IBM culminates in a stress-free gallium nitride material ideally-suited for enabling polarisation-free visible light emitters
Think tiny to bridge the green LED gap Apr 04, 2014
Using InN nanowires to make LEDs eliminates the lattice mismatch problem of layered devices, and can significantly improve LED efficiency
Boosting the activity of GeS nanostructures Apr 03, 2014
A new development could pave the way to lower cost and safer optoelectronics, solar energy conversion and faster computer circuitry
Polymer cools down LEDs at 200 degrees C Apr 03, 2014
A novel thermal interface material could be used to draw heat away from high-brightness LEDs and other semiconductor devices
Expanding the spectral range of QCLs Apr 01, 2014
Refinements to waveguides and active regions enable QCL room-temperature operation at 19 m.
Ultra-thin light detectors Mar 28, 2014
Combining an MBE grown GaAs/AlGaAs quantum cascade laser with a metamaterial opens up the possibility of integrating a light detector for terahertz radiation into a chip
GaN aids biomedical implantation Mar 27, 2014
University researchers worked with gallium nitride because it is one of the most promising semiconductor materials for use in biomedical applicationsedical implantation
Ceramic foundation boosts brightness Mar 25, 2014
Superior thermal conductivity enables an output power hike for high-voltage LEDs
Rhenium disulphide may hold promise for 2D electronics Mar 25, 2014
Rhenium atoms have a relatively large atomic weight, which means electron spin-orbit interactions are significant
Enhancing performance of III-V nanowires Mar 25, 2014
Using InGaAs on InAs stems grown on graphene could benefit solar cell and laser technology
Shedding new light on quantum physics for LEDs Mar 20, 2014
Superconductivity and LED technology could provide a new approach to quantum devices
Brightening and strengthening GaN LEDs Mar 19, 2014
Scientists have reported that adding phosphonic groups increases luminescence and enhances the stability of the gallium nitride based devices
Silicon carbide goes quantum Mar 18, 2014
Carbon anti-site vacancy pairs in SiC are sufficiently bright to allow detection at the single-photon level enabling the generation of single photons at a high repetition rate, This makes them potentially useful qubits for quantum information processing and applications in photonics
More research endorses the benefits of WSe2 for LEDs Mar 11, 2014
By making diodes using tungsten diselenide, researchers have shown it is possible to produce photodetectors, photovoltaic cells, and LEDs
Tungsten diselenide all the rage in LED technology Mar 11, 2014
More researchers have explored WSe2 and claim the material can make LEDs stronger and more energy efficient

Displaying 1 - 20 of 301
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