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Reactor start-up to exploit research markets
About to fulfill its first order, Sweden start-up, Epiluvac, is ready to deliver CVD reactors to wideband gap materials developers worldwide. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Infineon and International Rectifier: what next?
What does Infineon's latest acquisition mean for industry? Compound Semiconductor talks to the company to find out its plans.
SiC cracks auto-markets
Forecasts from Lux Research predict SiC will displace silicon in electric vehicles by 2020. Have GaN-on-silicon alternatives stalled asks Compound Semiconductor.
BluGlass rises to MOCVD challenge
From LEDs to power electronics, BluGlass's plasma CVD process is set to ease fabrication and offer a cool alternative to MOCVD, reports Compound Semiconductor.
Keeping LEDs cool
Claiming breakthrough performance with its metal-clad PCB substrates, Nanotherm, has already made inroads into LED markets, reports Compound Semiconductor.

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