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Delivering tomorrow
Can a new US-Ireland collaboration break down the materials barriers to next-generation GaN-on-silicon power electronics devices, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Rare earths ready for GaN power electronics
As power electronics players turn to GaN-on-silicon epiwafers to manufacture high performance devices, Translucent has unveiled a stress-free alternative. Compound Semiconductor reports.
A dazzling future for Diamond GaN?
In March this year, Martin Kuball scooped a Royal Society award for his GaN-on diamond electronics breakthroughs. Compound Semiconductor talks to the UK researcher about his research, its applications, and more.
Taking the heat
Could a new design of thermally integrated photonic system deliver the massive bandwidths datacommunications crave, asks Compound Semiconductor
Riber homes in on US markets
As Riber outlines plans to buy MBE Control Solutions, Compound Semiconductor asks president Frederick Goutard what the future holds for the MBE industry heavyweight.

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