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The car in front is a Toyota with SiC
Toyota's trials of SiC power devices signal growth and more growth for this wideband gap semiconductor market, reports Compound Semiconductor.
Lights out for CPV?
What does Soitec's decision to exit CPV mean for the rest of the industry, asks Compound Semiconductor.
Photovoltaics: the future for GaN?
Transphorm ramps up GaN-on-silicon device production as photovoltaic inverter markets drive growth. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Solar-Tectic on course for sapphire success
As cheap sapphire glass production gathers pace, solar cell start-up, Solar-Tectic, has set its sights on smartphones and more. Compound Semiconductor reports.
Photonic ICs: reality check
Will US plans to drive integrated photonics forward finally deliver real products for real applications? Compound Semiconductor talks to industry executive, Michael Lebby, to find out more.

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