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Extreme GaN
As Cobham joins forces with RFHIC to drive GaN radar forward, Compound Semiconductor learns this is only the beginning.
Practical silicon light at last?
A III-V quantum dot laser on silicon is set to make fast chips with built-in optics a reality. Compound Semiconductor reports.
EU referendum: in or out?
With the UK's decision on whether to leave the European Union looming, Compound Semiconductor asks key industry players how they will vote.
X-FAB: making six inch SiC a reality
Can a Texas-based silicon wafer fab accelerate six inch SiC production? Compound Semiconductor talks to X-FAB Silicon Foundries to find out more.
India: Let there be LED light
Is the Government of India's ambition to supply a $0.65 LED bulb to the masses feasible, asks Compound Semiconductor.

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